Director of Product Development

Director of Product Development 

Reporting directly to Bullard’s CEO, the Director of Product Development will partner across the business to design, develop, and deliver products to our customers that protect them and increase their productivity, meeting and exceeding their compliance and specific-use performance requirements. The Director of Product Development will lead the Product Development team to partner across the organization to execute our product lifecycle maps and create value through our products, in alignment with the Company’s vision to advance human safety to enable long, healthy, productive lives through innovative solutions. Bullard, a privately held manufacturer of high-quality personal protective equipment and systems, has been delivering products worldwide for over a century, always with the customer at the center of their efforts to ensure safety, comfort, ease-of-use, durability, quality, and innovation. Since the son of our founder invented the first industrial hard hat in 1919, we have consistently delivered purpose-built, innovative products to better solve the problems our brave customers face in their important work. The Director will demonstrate an unparalleled passion to meet our customers’ needs today and tomorrow.

Bullard is looking for a collaborative, data-driven, solutions-oriented, strategic leader who will lead our product development, continuous improvement, compliance, and research initiatives. The Director will be committed to identifying, assessing, growing, and developing talent and cultivating a rewarding environment for people to make an impact. The Director will pursue initiatives to continuously improve our product development processes to increase our speed to market and deliver on our promises to our customers, who depend on us to protect them. Our products fuel the long-term growth of our business by delivering an exceptional customer experience to our customers, and they must deliver high value over their long service lives in hazardous environments.

As a member of the Senior Management Team, the Director of Product Development will build a strong understanding of the entire business and play a major role in the development and delivery of Bullard’s long-term strategic and annual operating plans and will ensure the organization has the products, certifications, and technical capabilities to execute the strategy and achieve growth targets. The Director will be an excellent communicator and demonstrated change agent, able to uncover, understand, and articulate the “why” behind decisions throughout the organization. The Director will be particularly adept at communicating technical and non-technical concepts clearly and at all levels.


The Director of Product Development will:

  • Be an impactful strategic Product Development Business Leader with 10+ years of relevant Product Development leadership experience with a proven track record of successfully implementing value-added new and sustaining products. The Director will have a Bachelor’s degree or higher in a technical discipline. 
  • Lead, coach, and develop the entire Product Development team to deliver and enable Bullard’s strategic initiatives and business goals. The Director will have demonstrated success in driving cross-functional, process-driven project deliverables for predictable and reliable commercialization schedules and experience in strategic capability-building. The Director will be strong, collaborative leader with demonstrated ability to motivate, empower, and develop individuals and teams to deliver growth by fostering an environment of accountability, success, and achievement. 
  • Partner with global leaders across the organization to identify and specify product needs to meet and exceed customers’ compliance and specific-use performance requirements. The Director will have a proven ability to take outside market- and customer-based input and translate it into prioritized, actionable specifications. The Director will have experience bringing certified products to market, as most of our products are certified to stringent global safety standards.
  • Develop and execute the Product Lifecycle Maps, aligning and holding accountable talent across the organization to deliver new and sustaining products to our customers that meet business goals. The Director will have demonstrated success in communicating and enabling program plans, progress, resourcing, and achievement.
  •  Be a visible, approachable, and sought-after advisor and counselor, known for problem-solving, data-based analysis, and transparency. Live the Bullard Expectations and demonstrate passion for Bullard’s employees, customers, and vision. Develop trust and nurture partnerships through collaboration and learning from both successes and failures. The Director will be decisive yet inclusive and willing to challenge and defend positions in a respectful way with Bullard’s best interest always at the forefront.
  • Demonstrate a range of skills from high-level strategic thinking and problem solving to creative and detailed hands-on execution and have proven success leading, developing, and executing project plans and product roadmaps, managing complex and conflicting priorities, and driving efforts through to completion. 
  • Ensure compliance with applicable standards, performance, and reliability requirements. Maintain knowledge of certifications, regulations, and best practices in product development and project management. The Director will participate in professional groups to develop and network and partner with key service providers to deliver products to market. 
  • Be based in Lexington, KY, with expectations of regular presence in Cynthiana, KY, and periodic presence in other global Bullard locations
  • Ability and willingness to travel when needed is also required.

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