Senior Electrical Engineer and Safety Products SME

Bullard Company is looking for a Senior Electrical Engineer and Safety Products SME in Lexington, KY.

Position requires the following:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering and 5 years of experience with:

System design and compliance experience in the optimization of antennas and receivers in a wireless communication system for safety devices.

Development of software for a wireless communications system for safety devices.

Fire Safety and Personal Protective Equipment development under NFPA 1801, UL/BSI/IEC/EN/CEN or equivalent regulatory safety requirements, FCC/RED/ICES/EN/IEC or equivalent EMC/EMI regulatory requirements.

Designing PCB assembly test fixtures, test methods, and design verification plans.

Managing noise and maintaining signal integrity on all PCBAs.

Integrating WiFi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, Ultra-wide Band, Sub-GHz band and NFC for data communication.

Embedded firmware development and troubleshooting; programming languages including C/C++, MATLAB, and LabVIEW; development and maintenance of electronic devices with imaging, TFT LCD display, secondary battery, wireless chargers, brushless DC blowers or multi-sensor subsystems; multiple sensors including electro-chemical, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, wireless sensors, biometric and physiological sensors including near-infrared (NIRS); Breadboard / Benchtop prototype development and integration; design level Risk analysis, DFM and FMEA Methodology (DFMEA and PFMEA)


ED Bullard Company offers competitive salaries. Please send resume to Attn: HR,  Bullard Company, 1898 Safety Way

Cynthiana, KY 41031. Please refer to Ref. #TT22 in your cover letter.

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