Let's Celebrate Your Hard Hat's Birthday

Unfortunately, hard hats don't last forever. Tell us your hard hat's born-on date, and we'll email you when it is time to replace it. Regardless of what brand you are wearing, we can help you follow your safety program's replacement schedule.

Watch this helpful video to see how to locate the manufacture date code on your hard hat.
Please provide the following information:
Bullard recommends that a hard hat be replaced at least every 5 years, regardless of the condition. However there are factors that can make you replace your hard hat every 2 years: Learn more
Bullard and almost all hard hat manufacturers recommend that your suspension be replaced every year. Would you like to receive an annual reminder to replace your suspension?
If your hard hat is struck by a forcible blow of any magnitude, both the hard hat shell and suspension should be replaced immediately, even if no damage is visible! You can also perform this simple field test.