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It is more important than ever for healthcare clinicians, emergency responders, dentists, and other outpatient service providers to be equipped with adequate PPE (personal protective equipment). Bullard is a safety company that specializes in respiratory, head and face protection, designed for the most demanding life sciences applications around the world.

Respiratory Protection for Dentists

“The EVA powered air-purifying respirator with the RT hood is the sole hood without a head suspension and provides the largest viewing area, a crucial feature when it comes to using surgical loupes.”

Dr. Marcello Marchesi

Aerosol Generating Procedures

Aerosol generating procedures (AGPs) may expose healthcare clinicians, emergency responders and dentist, for example, to pathogens causing acute respiratory infections (ARIs). Commonly used dental equipment known to create aerosols and airborne contamination include ultrasonic scaler, high-speed dental handpiece, air/water syringe, air polishing, and air abrasion. Other medical procedures include endotracheal intubation & extubating, autopsy of lung tissue, bronchoscopy, airway suctioning, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and many others. At minimum, eye protection and a surgical or procedure mask or a loose-fitting powered air-purifying respirator should be used by healthcare providers or staff members within proximity of the procedures generating aerosols, regardless of the patient’s infection status.

Powered Respirators for Healthcare


SALUS HC Powered Air-Purifying Respirator

  • Splash and respiratory protection in one system
  • No breathing resistance; cool & comfortable free-flowing breathable air
  • Assigned Protector Factor (APF) 2.5x greater than an N95 mask
  • Reusable components help reduce protective equipment waste
  • No fit test; beard approved
  • Free from tight-fitting respirator abrasions & skin conditions such as dermatitis
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EVA PAPR with 20LF2HE Loose-fitting Facepiece (EVAPAN4)

  • All-in-one system ready for use - including one HEPA filter
  • Filters exhalated air to keep your patients safe
  • Assigned protection factor (APF) 2.5X greater than an N95 mask
  • Improves breathing and overall comfort compared to an N95 mask
  • Loose-fitting facepiece designed for use with a stethoscope
  • No fit test
  • HEPA Filter for Communicable Disease
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  • Assigned protection factor (APF) 100X greater than an N95 mask
  • Improves breathing and overall comfort compared to an N95 mask
  • Widest lens on the market (135 sq. in.) provides for unobstructed visibility
  • No fit test
  • HEPA Filter for Communicable Disease
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Healthcare Faceshield

Healthcare Faceshield (HFS)

  • Large coverage visor for maximum protection
  • Comfortable foam head cushion
  • Usable with face mask and eye protection
  • Fog-resistant lens
  • Elastic band to accommodate most head sizes
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SENTINEL 1 + Visor 6-Pack with 840M Acetate or 840ME

  • Standalone face protection with chemical resistant visor for optimal sanitizing in medical environments
  • Crown protector to shield forehead
  • 8”x15” visor providing wide coverage
  • Allows for additional PPE to be worn (eye protection, masks, etc.)
  • Large Flex-Gear® ratchet knob for easy adjustment
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Sentinel 1

Powered respirators vs. n95 mask


The EVA Powered Respirator by Bullard is the right protection for the job. Reusable respirators provide a higher assigned protection factor (APF) of up to 100X greater than N95 masks. They improve breathability and overall comfort. EVA incorporates respiratory, face, and eye protection in a single system and doesn’t require a fit test.

Powered Respirators can provide a substantial savings in maintenance and use vs. N95 masks and face shields.

Has your hospital struggled with the many clinical, financial and sourcing challenges of N95 masks? Many have, but you have an exceptional solution with the EVA powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) from Bullard, from one of the most established PAPR manufactures in the industry. Design and manufactured in Kentucky, USA.

Try the PAPR vs. N95 Cost in Use Calculator today to see how much you could be savings by switching to a reusable respirator.

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