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Cooling Vest

Beat Heat Stress, Stay Comfortable. Experience the Future of Cooling Today!

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Isotherm vest

Bullard Isotherm Cooling Vest

Isotherm® is a revolutionary technology providing more cooling, lasting longer, and ensuring comfort. Developed for those working in hot environments, it maintains a constant 13℃ of cooling. Ideal for:

  • HAZMAT Workers
  • Utility Workers
  • Firefighters
  • Construction Workers
  • Road Crews
  • Confined Space Workers

Phase-change Technology

Isotherm® Cool Packs vs. Ice Packs vs. Gel PacksIsotherm® revolutionary Phase-Change Technology keeps you cool for hours, outperforming traditional ice and gel packs.

Enjoy safe, comfortable cooling like never before!

Bullard Isotherm® cool packs ensure work comfort and health by effectively preventing heat stress, leading to improved productivity. These benefits have been experienced and praised by thousands of satisfied workers.




“Test participants commented that the vest would be useful, provide additional comfort, and enhance mission accomplishment when performing any duties requiring long exposure to high-heat environments. Use of the exothermic type cool vests during hazardous material abatement operations was the most common recommendation.” –Air Force Operational Test & Evaluation Center (AFOTEC)

“Subsequent to this series of tests, the vest was tested under the Category I Propellant Handler’s Ensemble. It was comfortably worn under the environmental control unit and provided significant (subjective) heat stress relief. The vest is now worn under Category I and Category IV PHE at the propellant farm at Cape Canaveral Air Station.” –Donald F. Doerr, Chief, Diver’s Unlimited Suit Heat Stress Assessment and Countermeasure, Biomedical Laboratory.




  • Stay Fresh Longer: No bacteria buildup.
  • Odor-Free: Prevents bad smells.
  • Less Washing: Stays clean, lasts longer.
  • Healthy Skin: No rashes or irritation.
  • Allergy-Friendly: No mold or mildew.
  • Breathable Comfort: Cooling made simple.


Cooling Made Simple
  1. Put your cool packs in ice or cold water for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Insert the cool packs into the front vest and back vest.
  3. Enjoy your cooling for hours.
Isotherm® Standard Set
Part Number Product Description
ISO2 Isotherm®, 1 blue vest, 2 cool packs, L size
ISO2XL Isotherm®, 1 blue vest, 2 cool packs, XL size
ISOC2 Isotherm®, 1 hi-vis yellow vest, 2 cool packs, XL size
Isotherm® Cool Pack
Part Number Part Number Description
ISO2P Isotherm®, Replacement Cool Packs
Isotherm® Replacement Vest
Part Number Part Number Description
ISO2V Isotherm®, 1 blue vest, L size
ISO2XLV Isotherm®, 1 blue vest,  XL size
ISOC2V Isotherm®, 1 hi-vis yellow vest, XL size

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