A Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR) healthcare professionals & emergency medical services

Filters the air you breathe.
Helps to protect you from exposure to particulates and biological aerosols including viruses and bacteria.

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Made in KY, USA
Dr Steven Johnson
"PAPRs have been a life saver for me and something all healthcare professionals should consider."
Steven A. Johnson, MD, FACS
Director, Surgery and Surgical Critical Care
Capital Health Medical Center Hopewell

PAPR Growth Trajectory

PAPR usage in healthcare is on an upsurge. It offers a high level of protection, comfort, cost-saving, and convenience.
PAPR Growth
Splash Protection Icon

Splash and respiratory protection in one system.

No breathing resistance Icon

No breathing resistance; cool & comfortable free-flowing breathable air.

Assigned Protector Factor Icon

Assigned Protector Factor (APF) 2.5x greater than an N95 mask.

Reusable Components Icon

Reusable components help reduce protective equipment waste.

No Fit Test Icon

No fit test; beard approved.

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Free from tight-fitting respirator abrasions & skin conditions such as dermatitis.

Salus HC

Comfort Designed For All Clinicians

SALUS HC [ sey-luh s ] is named for the goddess of safety and well-being. A high performing respiratory solution designed to protect clinicians from exposure to particulates and biological aerosols including viruses and bacteria.

SALUS HC system is optional with the LF-Series Hood that incorporates a built-in HEPA panel. The HEPA panel provides protection from up-splashes and from aerosols generated from your oral and nasal cavities.

SalusHC Breathing Tube
Out-of-the Way Breathing Tube
Quiet Blower Motor
Shoulder Mounted
Hood design is stethoscope
compatible and combats wind noise
High Visibility
Convenient for Pre-Hospital
Convenient for Pre-Hospital
Unlike patient care in the controlled environment of a healthcare facility, care and transports by EMS presents unique challenges. The nature of the setting, enclosed space during transport, frequent need for rapid medical decision-making, interventions with limited information, and a varying range of patient acuity and jurisdictional healthcare resources all demand uniquely convenient and comfortable PPE. SALUS HC meets those demands.
  • All-in-one on-the-go respiratory protection
  • Designed to fit close and high to the body
  • Short breathing tube helps to prevent snag hazards
  • Uninhibited range of movement
  • Soft yet durable foam molds to all body types, in all situations including Ambulance, Helicopter & Emergency Response
Designed for Clinicians
Healthcare professional face hazardous working conditions with potential exposures to a variety of toxic and infectious agents requiring respirator use to protect against respiratory infections. Respiratory protection continues to evolve, providing greater protection, convenience and more comfort. Powered respirators provide many advantages over disposable masks and traditional PAPR designs.
  • Shoulder carriage evenly distributes weight across wearer’s center of gravity
  • Unrestricted maneuverability
  • Easy donning, doffing and decon – more time for you and your patients
  • Single button operation at your fingertips
  • Carriage release hook for quick and safe doffing
  • Sensory attunement – clarity in hearing and visibility
SalusHC Doctor & patient
SalusHC Doctor & Nurse Hallway Closeup
The logical choice for Administrators
It’s essential to keep HCPs safe during patient care and limit respiratory infections. When selecting respirators, healthcare administration should assess durability, appropriateness for the environment and task at hand, comfort, easy of deployment, training resources and availability. SALUS HC delivers on all of these priorities.
  • Confidence in protection
  • Manufactured KY, U.S.A
  • Dedicated training support
  • Ease of use
  • High level of acceptance and compliance
  • Designed for efficient one-person donning, doffing and general operations
  • Long term savings as compared with disposable respiratory protection
  • Bullard Tough - exceeds abusive rigorous performance tests


What Clinicians Are Saying


Weight & Comfort

Go behind the scenes to discover how Bullard designed an extremely comfortable PAPR allowing maximum movement.


See how SALUS HC lives up to the Bullard Tough legacy and surpasses abusive rigorous tests.

Assemble & Don in Less than 30 Seconds

Find out how quickly SALUS HC is assembled and donned. Timing is everything.

Speech Intelligibility

Learn how the sound quality factored into the design of SALUS HC - allowing clear communication with peers and patients.

Getting to know Salus HC

SalusHC Features
Zoom In

Instructional Training Videos

Assembly and Disassembly for Cleaning

Operational Procedures

Donning & Doffing

Hood Selection

NIOSH PAPR100-P Standard

PAPR used in the clinical setting are required to have the following attributes:

  • Suitable for use in sterile field
  • Good visibility and communication
  • Ease of donning, doffing, and cleaning
  • Variable flows based on work rates
  • Smaller and less bulky
  • Sensors and alarms that monitor flow and power
  • Training materials as part of certification
  • Stockpile & emergency preparedness

NIOSH PAPR100-P high efficiency particulate filtration strongly resistant to oil aerosols.

A New Class of PAPR Standards Icon

A New Class of PAPR Standards designed for workers in healthcare and public safety.


Red Dot Award
WSHAsia Award

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