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Tough as Nails Groundbreaking Protection

From the sod cutting ceremony to project closeout, you can rely on Bullard PPE to keep you safe, cool and comfortable. You’ll find Bullard hard hats, face, eye, and respiratory protection keeping people safe in hazardous conditions on construction sites, bridges, water towers, roads, and in shops around the world.

Popular Products

Energy & Utilities

PPE Protection For Every Level

Keep the world online and running with innovative personal protective equipment. We help you enhance site safety and productivity whether you’re working from heights or feet on the ground. From water management, power distribution, and telecoms to mining, oil and gas refining and distribution. Bullard has your head, face, eyes, and lungs covered.

Popular Products

Spray Foam​ Insulation

Seal the Deal with Adequate PPE

Eliminating air escape is what you do. Do it with trusted Bullard PPE: your insulation and barrier from tainted air quality. Protect your lungs and head from overspray while staying cool and comfortable. Conserve your energy and improve your productivity while giving the gift of energy efficiency and peace of mind to your customers.

Popular Products

Spectrum Full-Face Respirator

Learn More Spectrum Full-Face Respirator

Supplied Air Climate Control Device

Learn More Supplied Air Climate Control Device

CC20 - Series Respirator Hood

Learn More CC20 - Series Respirator Hood

Supplied Air Respirator (SAR)

Learn More Supplied Air Respirator (SAR)

Electric Driven Free-Air Pumps

Learn More Electric Driven Free-Air Pumps

Surface Prep & Coatings

Your Final Touch PPE: Protection From Inhalants

Ensuring mechanical bonding and preventing corrosion presents a plethora of dangers. Gear up with Bullard PPE. For over 100 years, Bullard has been protecting workers with metal preparation, fabrication and coatings. We are here to help support you in establishing a strong health and safety culture amongst a range of hazards.

Popular Products

GVX Helmet

GVX Blast Respirator Helmet

Learn More GVX Blast Respirator Helmet

Supplied Air Respirator (SAR)

Learn More Supplied Air Respirator (SAR)

Grey suit

Abrasive Blast Suit & Gloves

Learn More Abrasive Blast Suit & Gloves

AirGuard Gas & Environmental Monitor

Learn More AirGuard Gas & Environmental Monitor

EVAHL - Powered Respirator

Learn More EVAHL - Powered Respirator